Zodiac Ciphers Resolved

Zodiac Ciphers Decoded

I found this code in 2015, as I know seven words when applied to the "My Name Is" cipher and spots in the 340 cipher, yields one single code key solves all the ciphers. Zodiac's symbols and letters give different letters, that give words, that make complete sentences and use every symbol, and are akin to the 408.

For the fee you will receive 7 long sought after pieces of Zodiac Info, including my solutions to:

The 340 cipher
18 symbol remainder
32 symbol bomb
"My Name Is" cipher
Message to Zodiac
1990 celeb post card
and my code key. 

Note:  The product is sold at

The 340 is derogatory to gays. Please note this is how it decoded. It was 1969, they are not my words. Only for adult purchase. This information is copyrighted and by law may not be duplicated. It is sold for the buyer's personal use only.

I regard this information to be the same as software,

and as such I am not giving returns or refunds.

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